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Title: Palestine : Diversité et modes d'identification des conceptions du retour
Authors: El Sakka, Abaher
Keywords: Palestinian Arabs - Repatriation
Palestinian Arabs - History
National identity - Palestine
Issue Date: 8-Oct-2006
Publisher: Framespa- CNRS (UMR 5057), Toulouse.
Series/Report no.: Framespa;8
Abstract: This article titled Palestine: diversity and identification forms of "Return" concepts. Deals with the perceptions and the concepts Palestinians formed within the notion of the Return, the foundations of such a notion in the national imagination also in contemporary political practices. The article also displays the alterations in the discourse of return and the gaps of such alternations between the political actors, and between the people. The paper presents also the duplicity in use of the notion Refugee versus Return in the contemporary Palestinian national structure and their relationship generally in the collective memory. Such as the Political differences between the symbolism in representations of Return and the absence of actual return. The article also exposed the practices of some returned Palestinians as the returnees and their relationship with their counterparts in the Palestinian society, thus examining the duality of internally existing and external existing. Finally, it looks at the various political positions of political and social positions on Return as a concept and as practice.
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