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Title: Efficient service discovery in sensor networks using VCP
Authors: Awad, Abdalkarim
German, Reinhard
Dressler, Falko
Keywords: Virtual Cord Protocol (VCP)
Software-defined networking (Computer network technology)
Sensor networks
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: We show the feasibility of efficient routing and service discovery in sensor networks using the Virtual Cord Protocol (VCP). Scalable and energy efficient data management is still a challenging topic in this domain. Recently, the advantages of virtual coordinates have been explored in comparison to solutions based on geographical positions. Due to the fact that such virtual coordinates can be assigned in an “optimal” way, routing and data management becomes more efficient. We implemented our VCP protocol on BTnode sensor nodes to show the applicability of this protocol in a lab environment. Furthermore, we address the issue of service discovery by means of indirections as known from overlay networks.
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