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dc.contributor.authorAwad, Abdalkarim-
dc.description.abstractExtensive usage of information and communication technology (ICT) characterizes the next generation power grid. ICT supports diverse smart grid applications from the level of energy management, all the way down to control and protection approaches. The evaluation of a smart grid application requires multidisciplinary tools that capture its versatile nature. In this paper, we present a short tutorial on the use of the open source co-simulation framework SGsim for smart grid applications. The framework combines two main simulators. On the one hand, it uses OMNeT++ to simulate data communication networks and to control the operation of the components. On the other hand, it uses OpenDSS to simulate the power griden_US
dc.subjectSmart power gridsen_US
dc.subjectElectrical engineeringen_US
dc.titleA Short Tutorial On Using SGsim Framework For Smart Grid Applicationsen_US
dc.typeConference Proceedingsen_US
newfileds.departmentEngineering and TechnologyEngineering and Technologyen_US
newfileds.conference10th EAI International Conference on Performance Evaluation Methodologies and Toolsen_US
newfileds.general-subjectEngineering and Technology | الهندسة والتكنولوجياen_US
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