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Title: Query Evaluation in Partitioned Disjunctive Deductive Databases.
Authors: Yahya, Adnan
Minker, Jack
Keywords: Relational databases
Database partitioning
Deductive databases
Computer software - Verification
Mathematical optimization
Database management
Issue Date: 1994
Publisher: World Scientific
Abstract: Query evaluation in disjunctive deductive databases is in general computationally hard. The class of databases for which the process is tractable is severely limited. The complexity of the process depends on the structure of the database as well as on the type of query being evaluated. In this paper we study the issue of simplified query processing in disjunctive deductive databases. We address the possibility of evaluating general queries by independently processing their atomic components and describe the class of databases for which this approach is possible. We also discuss the issue of dividing a disjunctive deductive database into a set of disjoint components then answering queries and computing database completions by combining the results obtained against the individual components. Some practical special cases are considered. The methods developed in this paper can be utilized to introduce parallelism into the query evaluation process.
ISSN: doi: 10.1142/S021821579400020X
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