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Title: The high power IGBT current source inverter
Authors: Abu Khaizaran, Muhammad S.
Rajamani, Haile S.
Palmer, Patrick R.
Keywords: Electronic control
Insulated gate bipolar transistors - Reliability
Commutation (Electricity)
Electric current converters.
Issue Date: 2001
Abstract: This paper presents an investigation of the use of high voltage IGBTs in the Current Source Inverter (CSI) for high power motor drives. Modes are identified in the IGBT voltage waveforms which are discussed with respect to the IGBT ratings. This is followed by a detailed study of the switching transients within the CSI, particularly with regard to advanced gate drive techniques and snubberless operation. It will be shown that the conditions imposed on the IGBTs and diodes may be controlled and that snubbers are not necessary for voltage control
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