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Title: Communication Time in Extreme ProgrammingTeams: A Controlled Case Study
Authors: Taweel, Adel
Aljadaa, Ali
Karakra, Abdallah
Tahseen Othman, Abed
Keywords: eXtreme programming
Human information processing
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: Software development is a team-centered activity. However, there are a number of factors that affect a team’s productivity. Thus, understanding the team dynamics and the different factors that influence their working is essential to improving their productivity. One such key factor is the amount of time a team spends on communicating to completing their tasks. This paper reports on a small scale case study, of (eight participants in) four student groups, using extreme programming. The study was conducted in a controlled environment to study the factors that may affect a team communication time, during the implementation phase. We found communication time between team members of the same gender is the longest. However, forming a team with relatively equal experience and including a well documented pre-training reduces the communication time significantly
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