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Title: Stiff and soft Stewart platforms for active damping and active isolation of vibrations
Authors: Abu Hanieh, Ahmed
Horodinca, Mihaita
Preumont, Andre
Keywords: Machinery, Kinematics of
Vibration - Isolation
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: As future astronomic missions will require more and more stringent resolution requirements, the high demand for an environment clean of vibrations and disturbance appears. This also leads to the need for high precision steering devices for fine pointing of sensitive optics with the highest possible accuracy. Several methods exist to reduce vibration levels: the first consists in isolating the sensitive system from the perturbation and the second in damping the structure vibration modes. Therefore, two Stewart platforms have been designed, manufactured and tested. The first is a soft hexapod that provides 6 degree-of-freedom (DOF) active isolation and the second is a stiff hexapod that provides active damping to whatever flexible payload attached/mounted to it. In addition, both hexapods have steering capabilities
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