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Title: Diagrams as interaction: The interpersonal (meta)function of geometrical diagrams
Authors: Alshwaikh, Jehad
Keywords: Diagrams
Mathematics - Language
Modality (Linguistics)
Intercultural communication
Interpersonal relations
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: Diagrams are part an parcel of mathematics. However, the main stream among mathematician is prejudiced against the use of diagrams in public. In my PhD study, I consider diagrams as a semiotic mode ofrepresentation and communication which enable us to construct mathematical meaning. I suggest a descriptive 'trifunctional' framework that can be used as a tool to analyse the kinds of meanings afforded by diagrams in mathematical discourse. In this paper, only the interpersonal function of the diagrammatic mode is considered with illustrations. In specific, I consider labels, neat-rough diagrams and modality as realisations of that function. Concluding remarks with challenges are presented at the end of the paper
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