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Title: On weak injectivity and weak projectivity
Authors: Saleh, Mohammad
Abdel-Mohsen, Ali
Keywords: Finite fields (Algebra)
Rings (Algebra)
Homology theory
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: world scientific
Abstract: Throughout this paper all rings are associative with identity and all modules are unitary. We denote the category of all right R-modules by Mod-R and for any M ∈ Mod-R, σ[M] stands for the full subcategory of Mod-R whose objects are submodules of M-generated modules (see [12]). Given a module XR the injective hull of X in Mod-R (resp., in σ[M]) is denoted by ... ∗The author was partially supported by Birzeit University under grant # 235-17-98-9. AMS Subject Classification: 16D40, 16D50, 16L30, 16L60, 16P20. ... E(X) (resp., ̂ X). The ...
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