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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2017Urban Expansion Effects on Landscape Pattern: The case of Ramallah AreaMuhsen, Mohammad; Abu Hammad, Ahmad
8-Apr-2019Time-related changes in hepatic and colonic mitochondrial oxygen consumption after abdominal infection in ratsHerminghaus, A; Papenbrock, H; Eberhardt, R; Vollmer, C; Truse, R; Schulz, J; Bauer, I; Weidinger, A; Kozlov, AV; Stiban, J; Picker, O
2018Supervised Training of Spiking Neural Network by Adapting the E-MWO Algorithm for Pattern ClassificationAbusnaina, Ahmed A.; Abdullah, Rosni; Kattan, Ali
Mar-2018Modified global flower pollination algorithm and its application for optimization problemsShambour, Moh’d Khaled Yousef; Abusnaina, Ahmed A.; Alsalibi, Ahmed I
1-Jul-2018التحولات الحضرية و أثرها على المشهد في كفر عقب - فلسطينعساف، شذى; أبو حماد، أحمد
29-Jul-2018Temperature analysis as an indicator of climate change in the Central Palestinian MountainsAbu Hammad, Ahmad; Salameh, Ala
21-Jun-2018Feature selection using binary particle swarm optimization with time varying inertia weight strategiesMajdi, Mafarja; Radi, Jarrar; Sobhi, Ahmad; Ahmed, A Abusnaina
2016The influence of corporate governance on corporate performance: evidence from PalestineHassan, Yousef M.; Naser, Kamal; Hijazi, Rafiq H.
28-Mar-2019Pressure Ulcers Prevalence and Potential Risk Factors Among Intensive Care Unit Patients in Governmental Hospitals in Palestine: A Cross-sectional StudyQaddumi, Jamal; Almahmoud, Omar
2001صوت فتاة فلسطينية : شعب الحجارة .. أمة جبارة ، يا جبل ما يهزك ريحوصايا، جمانة