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1Sep-2017Carbon dioxide in carbonated beverages induces ghrelin release and increased food consumption in male rats : implications on the onset of obesityEweis, Dureen Samandar; Abed, Fida; Stiban, Johnny
218-May-2015بيع الأرض المباعةعيسه، حسين
3Feb-2018Self-adaptive mussels wandering optimization algorithm with application for artificial neural network trainingAbusnaina, Ahmed A.; Abdullah, Rosni; Kattan, Ali
42001صوت فتاة فلسطينية : شعب الحجارة .. أمة جبارة ، يا جبل ما يهزك ريحوصايا، جمانة
52009Numerical and Clinical Accuracy of a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System during Intravenous Insulin Therapy in the Surgical and Burn Intensive Care UnitsAbu-Hamdah, Rania; Rabiee, Atoosa; Andreasik, Virginia; Galiatsatos, Panagis; Khouri, Zeina; Elahi, Dariush
61-Aug-2016Traditional water distribution for irrigation in the Middle East: practices and environmental impactsAbdulhaleem, Tumeizi; Abu Hammad, Ahmad
78-Apr-2019Time-related changes in hepatic and colonic mitochondrial oxygen consumption after abdominal infection in ratsHerminghaus, A; Papenbrock, H; Eberhardt, R; Vollmer, C; Truse, R; Schulz, J; Bauer, I; Weidinger, A; Kozlov, AV; Stiban, J; Picker, O
81-Jul-2018التحولات الحضرية في التجمعات السكانية لجبال فلسطين الوسطى : نعلين وعين يبرود كدراسة مقارنةأبو قرع، دعاء; أبو حماد، أحمد
9Apr-2017Context specific teacher trainingAffouneh, Salam; Bilbrough, Nick
10Dec-2018Prevalence and Features of Pressure Ulcers among Patients in ICU Department of Governmental Hospital in Palestine: Cross SectionalQaddumi, Jamal A. S.; Almahmoud, Omar