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Title: Exploring postnatal maternal morbidity through home-visits : a prospective community-based study in a Palestinian rural village, West Bank
Authors: Hassan, Sahar
Keywords: Women’s health services - Palestine
Women - Care and hygiene - Palestine
Community health services - Palestine
Home care services - Palestine
Issue Date: 24-Nov-2015
Publisher: ITM’s 57th Colloquium: Towards Better Maternal & Neonatal Health Conference
Abstract: The objective of this study is to determine the incidence, the magnitude and types of postnatal maternal morbidity during the first and seventh week, and at three months after birth in a Palestinian village. Among the women visited the first week after birth, 107 (55.2%) women reported one to three morbidities, and 56 (28.9%) women reported four-ten morbidities. Among the women visited during the 7th week after birth, 74 (39.8%) women reported one-four morbidities, while 50 (26.6%) women visited at three months after birth, reported one-four morbidities. The most frequently reported morbidities were pain, fatigue and problems related to breast (cracked/sore nipples, engorgement), wounds/stitches, perineum, extremities and elimination. We referred 34 (17.5%) women for further medical care during the first week after birth due to bleeding, high blood pressure, high temperature, and potential infection. Maternal morbidities were common among Palestinian women during their perpireum period. This suggests the need to implement postnatal home visiting programs to help the women in need and to reduce maternal and newborn morbidities.
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