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dc.contributor.authorYahya, Adnan-
dc.description.abstractMany developing nations treat information technology as a high priority item in their economic planning. The pace of computer introduction and the span of computer-based systems are expanding rapidly. This emanates from the realization that information technology has a great potential for the economic development of third world countries. However, it is our view that the often poorly managed computer resources tend to complicate the decision making process due to the introduction of new uncertainties. The problems of the industrial infrastructure, personnel issues, political and social factors are important elements hampering the sound management of information technology resources in many developing nations. In this paper we study the manifestations of information technology mismanagement, the factors hampering the proper management in a developing nation context and point to some of the potential solutions to these problems based on the experience of several nations in this eld-
dc.subject.lcshInformation technology - Management - Developing countries-
dc.subject.lcshInformation resources management - Developing countries-
dc.titleOn the problems of information technology management in developing nationsen_US
newfileds.departmentEngineering and Technologyen_US
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