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dc.contributor.authorSabri, Nidal-
dc.description.abstractThis paper aims to explore causes and interpretations of stock market crises and high price volatility existing in practices, as well as in state of arts, in order to articulate and classify such interpretations, in comprehensive various models. The study found that the causes and interpretations of stock market crises reside in various models including: overreaction model, adverse impact of related laws, increasing linkages model, transmission of volatility model, adverse impact of derivatives’ model, adverse impact of related markets’ model, impact of volume volatility model, and econophysics’ model of stock market crises. Accordingly, the paper suggests possible remedies to curb the possible causes of stock market instability, based on the presented interpretations of stock market crises.-
dc.subject.lcshStock exchanges - History-
dc.subject.lcshFinancial crises-
dc.titleRoots of stock market volatility and crisis: a synthesis and suggested solutionsen_US
newfileds.departmentDepartment of Finance and Bankingen_US
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