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Title: ChemInform abstract: studies on the reaction of ferric iron with glutathione and some related thiols. Part III: a study of the iron catalyzed oxidation of glutathione by molecular
Authors: Hamed, Mazen
Silver, Jack
Wilson, Michael
Issue Date: Jan-1984
Publisher: ResearchGate
Abstract: Complexes formed by mixing iron and reduced glutathione were prepared anaerobically and mixed with oxygen. Rapid kinetic measurements indicated the production of a transient red species, the rate of production of which was oxygen concentration dependent and required one oxygen per two iron atoms. pH studies implicated S anion as a necessary prerequisite. Mijssbauer data indicated that this red complex contained iron(III) whereas the initial complex, prior to oxygenation, contained only iron( A scheme for the iron catalyzed oxidation of glutathione by molecular oxygen is presented.
Description: Jack,Silver:Brunel University London Michael,Wilson:University of Essex
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