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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Dynamic of a Kth order rational difference equation using theortical and computational approachesAbu Baha, Sai'da
2009Dynamic parameter identification of parallel robots starting from the measurement of joints position and forcesFarhat, Nidal; Mata, Vicente; Díaz-Rodríguez, Miguel; Provenzano, Sebastian
2014Dynamic Privacy Policy Management in Services-based InteractionsAmmar, Nariman
Jan-2007Dynamic Probabilistic Approach for Long-Term Pavement Restoration Program with Added User CostAbaza, Khaled; Murad, Maher
2017Dynamics and bifurcation of higher order rational difference equationsAloqeili, Marwan; Shareef, Asma
2017Dynamics and bifurcation of Xn+1 = a + BXn - k / A+BXn+CXn-k, K = 1,2Raddad, Batool
2017Dynamics and bifurcation of xn+1=α+βxn−kA+Bxn+Cxn−k,k= 1,2Saleh, Mohammad; Raddad, Batool
2006Dynamics and Stability of RoverAbdo, Muhannad M.
Oct-2006Dynamics of a higher order rational difference equationSaleh, Mohammad; Atawna, S.
Apr-2017Dynamics of a higher order rational difference equation ....Saleh, Mohammad
2006Dynamics of a Kth order rational difference equationSaleh, Mohammad; Abu Baha, Sai'da
May-2006Dynamics of a rational difference equationAloqeili, Marwan
2017Dynamics of higher order rational difference equation xn+1= (α+βxn)/(A+Bxn+Cxn−k)Abu Alhalawa, Muna; Saleh, Mohammad
1-Jan-2014Dynamics of human decisionsMousa, Abdelrahim; Soeiro, Renato; Oliveira, Tania; Pinto, Alberto
2009Dynamics of Kth order rational difference equationAsa’d, Ayah Zuhair
2012Dynamics of nonlinear difference equationJa'far, Amer
2018Dynamics of nonlinear difference equationSaleh, Mohammad; Amer, Jafar
2014Dynamics of nonlinear difference equationsAwawdeh, Areej
2007Dynamics of rational difference equation Xn+1=α+βxn / A+Bxn+Cxn−k using mathematical and computational approachSaleh, Mohammad; Alawneh, Abed Elrazzaq
2009Dynamics of rational difference equation Xn+1Abu Alhalawa, Muna