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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Violence and adolescent mental health in the Occupied Palestinian Territory: a contextual approachRabaia, Yoke; Giacaman, Rita; Nguyen-Gillham, Viet
2008Virtual cord protocol (VCP): a flexible DHT-like routing service for sensor networksAwad, Abdalkarim; Dressler, Falko; Sommer, Christoph; German, Reinhard
Feb-2013Virtually dining together in time-shifted environment: KIZUNA designNawahdah, Mamoun; Khateeb, Emad
1851Visits to the monasteries of the LevantCurzon, Robert ,1810-1873
2011Visualization of ceramide channels by transmission electron microscopySamanta, Soumya; Stiban, Johnny; Maugel, Timothy K.; Colombini, Marco
1914Vitruvius : the ten books on architectureMorgan, M. H. (Morris Hicky), 1859-1910 (tr.); Warren, Herbert Langford, 1857-1917
1994The volume profile for a cheletropic reactionLaila, Abdalhamid; Isaacs, Neil
1994Volumes of activation for catalysed Diels - Alder reactionLaila, Abdalhamid; Isaacs, Neil; Maksimovic, Ljiliana
1987Volumes of activation for kinetically labile organometallic complexes: solvent displacement from cis-[(C6H5Cl)(PPh2R)W(CO)4] [R = Ph, (CH2)4CH:CH2] in chlorobenzene solution.Dobson, Gerard R.; Awad, Hani
2015Wage differential between rural and urban Palestine-the shadow of Palestinian -Israeli conflictDaoud, Yousef; Falah, Bilal
2013Waist circumference and hypertension in Palestinian women: a population-based cross-sectional surveyRizkallah, Najwa
1926Walks in and around JerusalemHanauer, J. E. (James Edward), 1850-
1894Walks in PalestineHarper, Henry A. (Henry Andrew), 1836-1900
2019The Wall, Bypass Roads And The Dual Transportation System In PalestineArafat, Abdul Naser; Wael, Evana
1943War legislation in force on the 15th day of April - 1943 Vol. 1Kantrovitch, H.
1943War legislation in force on the 15th day of April - 1943 Vol. 2Kantrovitch, H.
1943War legislation in force on the 15th day of April - 1943 Vol. 3Kantrovitch, H.
2009War on Terror, or Interests and Ideology? Reframing U.S. Foreign Policy before and after 9/11Shihade, Majid
1915The wars of the JewsJosephus, Flavius
2008Wastewater Engineering in Question and AnswerZimmo, Omar