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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Urbanization and environment : the nature of the conflict : a study of sustainable urban development in Ramallah and Al_Bireh GovernorateAbu Thaher, Salim M.
2012US foreign policy in the Middle East : what drives it, and how it impacts developments in the regionShihade, Magid; Dabis, Jumana
2006Use of biofilter units to enhance the effluent quality of anaerobically pretreated domestic wastewater.Fuqaha, A.; Al-Sa'ed, Rashed
Feb-2017Use of electrospun fiber mats for the remediation of hypersaline geothermal brineCelik, Asli; Koc, Gonca; Erdogan, Emre; Shahwan, Talal; Baba, Alper; Demir, Mustafa M.
Nov-2012Use of evidence to support healthy public policy : a policy effectiveness-feasibility loopBowman, Sarah; Unwin, Nigel; Critchley, Julia; Capewell, Simon; Husseini, Abdullatif; Maziak, Wasim; Zaman, Shahaduz; Ben Romdhane, Habiba; Fouad, Fouad; Phillimore, Peter; Unal, Belgin; Khatib, Rana; Shoaibi, Azza; Ahmad, Balsam
2016Use of HLA peptidomics and whole exome sequencing to identify human immunogenic neo-antigensQutob, Nouar
2012Use of molecular techniques for the analysis of foam-causing bacteria in Al Bireh oxidation ditch, PalestineSwaileh, Khalid; Hussein, Ratib Muhammad; Al-Sa'ed, Rashed; Roest, K.
2008Use of super-Gaussian-Bessel beams in freespace optical interconnect systemsSa’ed, Jaser; Al-Ababneh, Nedal
2014User's communication behavior in a pseudo same-room videoconferencing system BHSNawahdah, Mamoun; Inoue, Tomoo; Noguchi, Yasuhito
2013User’s communication behavior in the pseudo same-room videoconferencing systemNawahdah, Mamoun; Sayre, Edward
2004Using a novel ORM-based ontology modelling method to build an experimental innovation routerSpyns, Peter; Van Acker, Sven; Wynants, Marleen; Jarrar, Mustafa; Lisovoy, Andriy
2016Using adaptive model predictive technique to control underactuated robot and minimize energy consumptionAlbalasie, Ahmad; Seliger, Guenther; Abu Hanieh, Ahmed
2011Using biological indicators to characterize the natural flow regime in wadi zomar stream/ PalestineSulaiman, Saleh; Mimi, Ziad; Khayat, Saed
2007Using C Language on Scientific Computing ApplicationsAbu Omar, Mohammad M.
2007Using database theories in Scientific applicationsShibly, Hassan; Martar, Samir; Jayousi, Saleem Ahmad
2007Using groundwater flow model for the potentiality of the sustainable aquifer management: case study (Bethlehem area) / West BankGhanem, Marwan; Abu Zaid, Nazira; Abu Saada, Muath; Ali, Wasim
2017Using molecular modeling to identify zinc finger protein-DNA recognition patterns : a study of four finger proteins and dimer binding to DNAHamed, Mazen; Siam, Reema Mazen
2014Using molecular modeling to identify zinc finger protein-DNA recognition patterns : energy perspective on the effect of finger linkers on bindingZaid, Roza
2004Using Simulation to Study the Sampling Distribution of some Well known StatisticsRammaha, Huda Ibrahim
2013Using Technology in the EFL ClassroomRammal, Samir