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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Strategy development for condensate water recovery from air conditioning in PalestineSiam, Lubna
2014Strengthening linkages between science and policy making: summaries from selected MSc theses in water and environmental engineering and sciencesAbu Madi, Maher
1999Strengthening Palestinian public institutions : report of an independent task force sponsored by the Council on Foreign RelationsSayigh, Yezid; Shikaki, Khalil
1982Structural Considerations in the Metabolisim of Nitriles to Cyanide in vivoSilver, E.; Kuttab, Simon; Hasan, T.; Hasan, M.
1989Structural effect on the mechanistic pathway of the decomposition of 3- alkyl-1-aryl triazenes:A kinetic studyLaila, Abdalhamid
Aug-2009Structural properties of anthocyanins : rearrangement of C-Glycosyl-3-deoxyanthocyanidins in acidic aqueous solutionsBjoroy, Orjan; Rayyan, Saleh; Fossen, Torgils; Andersen, Øyvind M.
2003Structure and composition of the fusion poreJena, Bhanu P.; Cho, Sang-Joon; Jeremic, Aleksandar; Stromer, Marvin H.; Abu Hamdah, Rania
2010Structure and dynamics of cholic acid and dodecylphosphocholine-cholic acid aggregatesSayyed-Ahmad, Abdallah; Lichtenberger, Lenard M.; Gorfe, Alemayehu A.
8-Sep-2017Structure of krypton isotopes within the interacting boson model derived from the Gogny energy density functionalNomura, K; Rodríguez-Guzmán, R; Humadi, Y. M.; Robledo, L. M.; Abusara, Hazem
1941The struggle for judicial supremacy : a study of a crisis in American power politicsJackson, Robert H., 1892-1954 
2016Student attitudes towards active learning methods in a senior-year computer engineering courseSayyad, Abdel Salam
2017Students’ attitudes towards Cambridge Unlock Workbook : English Intermediate I Level at Birzeit UniversityAbdallah, Andira ; Morrar, Nariman 
Dec-1983Studies of the reactions of ferric iron with glutathione and some related thiolsHamed, Mazen; Silver, Jack; Wilson, Michael T.
Jul-1985Studies of the reactions of ferric iron with glutathione and some related thiols. Part V. Solid complexes containing FeII and glutathione or FeIII with oxidized glutathioneHamed, Mazen; Silver, Jack; Morrison, Ian E. G.
Aug-1988Studies of the reactions of iron(II) ascorbate mixtures with molecular oxygen in solutionHamed, Mazen; Keypour, Hassan; Silver, Jack; Wilson, Michael
1981Studies on Rheomelanin, The Identification of MelaninHegedus, Z.; Kuttab, Simon; Altschule, M.
1982Studies on the Metabolism of Procarbazine by Mass SpectrometryKuttab, Simon; Vouros, P.; Tranglertpaibul, S.
2002Studies on the Oxidation of 1,4-Disubstituted-1,2,3,6-TetrahydropyridineCastagnoli, N. (Neal); Castagnoli, Kay; Magnin, Geraldine; Kuttab, Simon; Shang, Jackie
Dec-1983Studies on the reaction of ferric iron with glutathione and some related thiols. Part III. A study of the iron catalyzed oxidation of glutathione by molecular oxygenHamed, Mazen; Silver, Jack; Wilson, Michael
Oct-1986Studies on the reactions of ferric iron with ascorbic acid. A study of solution chemistry using Mossbauer spectroscopy and stopped-flow techniquesHamed, Mazen; Wilson, Michael; Silver, Jack; Keypour, Hassan