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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2017Re-integration of women survivors of gender-based violence: combating violence against women in Palestinian societyAbu Awwad, Nidaa
1977Reaction of 1,3 dienes with sulphur dioxide, part IIkinetics of addition reactionLaila, Abdalhamid; Isaacs, Neil
1981Reaction at high pressure,The volume profilefor thermolysis of a beta-LactamLaila, Abdalhamid; Isaacs, Neil
1976Reaction of 1,3-dienes with sullfur dioxide,part 1-Decomposition of 2,5-dihydrothiophene-1,1-dioxideLaila, Abdalhamid; Isaacs, Neil
Aug-1989Reaction of μ-oxo-bis [trichloroferrate(III)] ion with L-ascorbic acid in relation to reaction of oxygen with iron(II)-ascorbateHamed, Mazen
1984Reactions at high pressure part 13:the volume profiles for the brominolysis of tetra alkylstannanesAli Ahmad, Abdel Hamid; Isaacs, Neil
2005Reactions to inspectable learner models: seven year olds to university studentsAbu Issa, Abdallatif; Bull, Susan; Mangat, Manveer; Mabbott, Andrew; Marsh, Josie
2015A reading on the socio urban changes in Ramallah and Kufur AqabHilal, Jamil
Sep-2013The Real Estate Market in Jerusalem between Muslims and Christians 1800-1810Sroor, Musa
2004Reasoning about additive measuresSayrafi, Bassem; Van Gucht, Dirk
2016Reassessment of voltage stability for distribution networks in presence of DGJaser, Sa'ed; Jubran, Mohammad; Favuzza, Salvatore; Fabio, Massaro
2003Recent Developments in Bisdiborane Chemistry: B—C—B, B—C—C—B, B—C=C—B and B—CC—B CompoundsDembitsky, Valery M.; Abu Ali, Hijazi; Srebnik, Morris
14-Oct-2017Reclaimed water use in irrigation : do we need stringent reuse standards to enhance water use and reduce climate impacts?Al-Sa'ed, Rashed; Khlief, Emad
2005The reconceptualisation of conflict managementHamad, Ahmad Azem
2011Reconsidering the Meaning of Home in the Rehabilitation -Towards a Sustainable Historical TownAwad, Shaden; Hohmann, Hasso
2014Reconsidering trauma: towards a Palestinian community psychologyMeari, Lena
2013Record-to-Record Travel Algorithm for Attribute Reduction in Rough Set TheoryMafarja, Majdi; Abdullah, Salwani
2016Recurrent inactivating RASA2 mutations in melanomaQutob, Nouar
2009Reduced voltage scaling in clock distribution networksMohammad, Khader; Dodin, Ayman; Liu, Bao; Agaian, Sos
2011Reducing test power for embedded memoriesAwad, Ahmed