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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1927Researches in prehistoric Galilee, 1925-1926Turville-Petre, Francis Adrian Joseph, 1901-1941
2014Residents’ concerns and attitudes toward solid waste management facilities in Palestine: A case study of Hebron district.Khatib, Issam; Ajlouny, H.; Kontogianni, Stamatia
2011Resistance as an indispensable component of development under colonial conditions: boycott divestment and sanctions (BDS) as a case studyBarghouthi, Omar
12-Apr-2011Resort pricing and bankruptcyMousa, Abdelrahim; Faias, Marta; Pinto, Alberto
2000Response of Controlled Atmosphere (CA) stored “Golden Delicious” Apples to the Treatments with Alcohols and Aldehydes as Aroma PrecursorsHarb, Jamil
2007Response to commentaryGiacaman, Rita
2007Response to commentaryGiacaman, Rita; Abu-Rmeileh, Niveen; Husseini, Abdullatif; Saab, Hana; Boyce, William
Sep-2007Restaurant environment and its possible effects on food safety: Case study of restaurants in Palestinian Ramallah-Bireh DistrictKhatib, Issam
25-Mar-2019Restoration of Wadi Zaimer using a pilot instream phytoremediation system for the reduction of industrial pollution loads from Nablus West, PalestineAttili, Odai ; Al-Sa'ed, Rashed 
2005Restructuring :is it an urgent need at Palestinian governmental institutions? The case of the Palestinian legislative councilAl-Shahed, Eman Sharif
1994Restructuring the Palestinian Health Care System to Meet the Needs of the FutureGiacaman, Rita
Jul-2007Retention of aqueous Ba2+ ions by calcite and aragonite over a wide range of concentrations : characterization of the uptake capacity, and kinetics of sorption and precipitate formaTunusoglu, O.; Shahwan, Talal; Eroglu, A. E.
2012Rethinking community psychology : critical insightsCoimbra, Joaquim Luis; Duckett, Paul; Fryer, David; Makkawi, Ibrahim; Menezes, Isabel; Seedat, Mohamed; Walker, Carl
2012Rethinking community psychology: Critical insightsCoimbra, J.; Duckett, P.; Fryer, D.; Menezes, Isabel; Seedat, M.
7-Feb-2019Rethinking executive supremacy during times of crisis in EgyptTaha, Nora ; Khalil, Asem 
1914The return of the nativeHardy, Thomas,1840-1928
2014Returns to education in Palestine and Turkey : a comparative analysisTansel, Aysit; Daoud, Yousef
2011Reuse of reclaimed wastewater to irrigate corns designated for animal feedingAmer, Ahmad Sameeh
2010Revendication identitaire et representations sociales : emergence d’un nouveau mode d’expression artistique de groupes de jeunes Palestiniens.El Sakka, Abaher
2010A review of residential solid waste management in the occupied Palestinian Territory : a window for improvement ?Khatib, Issam; Arafat, Hasan