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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-1975An optical potential for heavy ion interactionsGiacaman, Henry
1995Optical Switch using Triangular Barrier PhotodiodeGhanem, Wasel; Zebda, Yousef
1-Jan-2006Optimal bandwidth allocation for scalable H.264 video transmission over MIMO systemsJubran, Mohammad ; Bansal, Manu ; Kondi, Lisimachos P. 
1-May-2006Optimal bit allocation for hybrid scalable/multiple-description video transmission over wireless channelsJubran, Mohammad K. ; Bansal, Manu ; Kondi, Lisimachos P. 
3-Apr-2018Optimal Empirical-Markovian approach for assessment of potential pavement rehabiliation strategies at the project levelAbaza, Khaled
13-Jan-2016Optimal life insurance purchase from a market of several competing life insurance providersMousa, Abdelrahim; Pinheiro, Diogo; Pinto, Alberto
2001Optimization of collector area in solar water heating systemsAkel, Afif
1995Optimization of domestic solar water heating systemAkel, Afif
2016Optimized Operation of PV/T and Micro-CHP Hybrid Power SystemsAwad, Abdalkarim; Bazan, Peter; German, Reinhard
1999Optimizing insulation thickness for buildings using life-cycle costHasan, Afif
2010Optimizing irrigation water use in the West Bank, PalestineMimi, Ziad; Nazer, Dima; Siebel, Maarten; Van der Zaag, Pieter
2016Optimizing security for software deployed on cloud environment using evolutionary searchRadwan, Wafaa
2016Optimizing security for software deployed on cloud environment using evolutionary searchRadwan, Wafaa
Jan-1999Optimum decision policy for management of pavement maintenance and rehabilitationAbaza, Khaled; Ashur, Suleiman
Mar-2003An optimum design approach for flexible pavementsAbaza, Khaled; Abu Eisheh, Sameer
2013Optimum feature selection in software product lines: let your model and values guide your searchSayyad, Abdel Salam; Ingram, Joseph; Menzies, Tim; Ammar, Hany
Nov-2002Optimum flexible pavement life-cycle analysis modelAbaza, Khaled
2009An Optimum Microscopic Pavement Management Model Using Constrained Integer Linear ProgrammingAbaza, Khaled ; Ashur, Suleiman 
2011Options for achieving internal economic connectivity and effective international trade for a viable Palestinian state : MAS annual conference papers : the unity of the Palestinian economy a key for ending the occupation, 23-24 January 2011Awadallah, Faisal
2019ORCID Benefits and Data Exchange between Research Information SystemsTom, Asad