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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Misleading Advertising Practices in Consumer Transactions: Can Arab Lawmakers Gain an Advantage from European Insight?Fayyad, Mahmoud
1931Misleading Cases In The Common lawHerbert, A. P. (Alan Patrick), 1890-1971 
Mar-2017Mixed-probe simulation and probe-derived surface topography map analysis for ligand binding site identificationSayyed-Ahmad, Abdallah; Gorfe, Alemayehu A.
Sep-2015Mobile application testing in industrial contexts : an exploratory multiple case-studyZain, Samer; Salleh, Norsaremah; Grundy, John
2005Model Electrochemical Mass Spectrometic Studies of the Cytochrome P450-Catalysed Oxidations of Cyclic Tertiary AllylaminesJurva, U.; Bissel, P.; Isin, E.; Igarashi, K.; Kuttab, Simon
2012A model for the electronic support of practice- based research networksTaweel, Adel; Delaney, Brendan; Arvanitis, Theodoros; Speedie, Stuart M.
Jul-1996Model generation in disjunctive normal databasesYahya, Adnan
May-2017Model-Based Fault Detection in Wind TurbinesBasheer Shaheen ; Ahmed Abu Hanieh - Supervisor ; Michel Kinnaert - Co-supervisor 
2010Modeling and control of an elastic ship-mounted craneAhmad, Hussein M.
2008Modeling of greenhouse with PCM energy storageHasan, Afif
11-Jan-2018Modeling, control, and numerical simulations of a novel binary-controlled variable stiffness actuator (BcVSA)Hussain, Irfan ; Albalasie, Ahmad ; Awad, Mohammed ; Seneviratne, Lakmal ; Gan, Dongming 
1-Jan-2019Modeling, control, and simulation of a new topology of flywheel energy storage systems in microgridsSaleh, Aws ; Awad, Abdalkarim ; Ghanem, Wasel 
27-Jun-2019Modeling, identification, and control of a discrete variable stiffness actuator (DVSA)Hussain, Irfan ; Albalasie, Ahmad ; Awad, Mohammed ; Gan, Dongming 
2005Modelling software development across time zonesTaweel, Adel; Brereton, Pearl
16-Sep-2016Modelling, kinematics, dynamics and control design for under-actuated manipulatorsAlbalasie, Ahmad 
2004Models and inference methods for clinical systems: A principled approachTaweel, Adel; Rector, Alan L.; Rogers, Jeremy
27-Aug-2020Models for Arabic document quality assessmentYahya, Adnan ; Ahmad, Afnan ; Assaf, Alaa ; Khater, Rawan ; Salhi, Ali 
1935Modern criminal investigationSöderman, Harry, 1902-1956 ; O'Connell, John J. (John Joseph), 1884-1946 
1908Modern EgyptCromer, Evelyn Baring, Earl of, 1841-1917