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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Non-steroidal Zn (II) and Co (II) sulindac drugs and bioactive Nitrogen-donor ligands : synthesis, characterization, anti-bacterial effect, anti-malarial effect and the use as phosphate hydrolyzing enzymesAbu Ali, Hijazi; Shalash, Asia M.
2008A nonsingular model of the universeAbdul-Latif, Mahmoud Saleh
1998Nonstationary effects in NbSe3 intercalated with hydrogenChashka, Kh. B.; Bichko, V. A.; Obolenskii, M. A.; Hasan, Ra'ed; Beletskii, V. I.
2015Norm establishment constrained by limited resourcesMahmoud, Samhar; Miles, Simon; Taweel, Adel; Taweel, Adel; Delaney, Brendan; Luck, Michael
2008Normalising the abnormal: Palestinian youth and the contradictions of resilience in protracted conflictViet, Nguyen-Gillham
1899NorwaySorensen, Sigvart
2014Not Done With Life YetDarwish, Wafa
2003A note on projectivitySaleh, Mohammad
1998A note on tightnessMohammad, Saleh
2003A note on weak injectivity and weak projectivitySaleh, Mohammad; Abdel-Mohsen, Ali
1926Notes on Akka and its defences under Ibrahim PashaRustum, Asad 1897-1965
2012A novel approach for lowering multiple targets in Alzheimer's diseaseAdwan, Lina; Zawia, Nasser H.
2003A novel combined power and cooling thermodynamic cycle for low temperature heat source, Part I : theoretical investigationHasan, Afif; Goswami, D. Y.; Lu, Shaoguang; Tamm, Gunnar
2011Novel Design Concept for Facultative Ponds Using Rock Filters to Reclaim the EffluentAl-Sa'ed, Rashed; Abu Madi, Maher; Zimmo, Omar
3-Oct-2015A novel process design for enhanced biogas production from poultry manure using a solar water heating system.Ali, Rowayda; Al-Sa'ed, Rashed
Jun-2011Novel techniques for querying structured data on the webCeravolo, Paolo; Liu, Chengfei; Jarrar, Mustafa; Sattler, Kai-Uwe
Jun-1983Nuclear condensationGiacaman, Henry; Zamick, Larry
Mar-1976The nucleus-nucleus potentialGiacaman, Henry
1998The number of homomorphisms from Zm1 * Zm2 * ... * Zmr into Zk1 * Zk2 * ... * ZksSaleh, Mohammad; Yousef, Hasan; Abu Hlail, Jawad
2011The number of periodic solutions of some analytic equations of Abel typeAlkoumi, Naeem