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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2017Medication adherence ‎in type 2 diabetic patients : a study in Saudi ArabiaRabba, Abdullah K.; Aljiris, Waleed S.; Ahmed, Nehad J.; Alkharfy, Khalid M.
2008Medicine utilisation review in selected non-governmental organisations primary healthcare clinics in the West Bank in PalestineKhatib, Reem
1926The medieval city state : an essay on tyranny and federation in the later Middle agesClarke, M. V. (Maude Violet), 1892-1935
2012Mediterranean studies of cardiovascular disease and hyperglycemia: analytical modeling of population socio-economic transitions (MedCHAPMS)- rationale and methodsMaziak, Wasim
2013Medium effects on the binding energy of a hot helion (3He) nucleusAbdul-Rahman, Arij Mohamad Hassan
1895The Medjelle or Ottoman Civil Law
2006Meeting Asian/Arab American Studies: Orientalism, Settler Colonialism, and ZionismShihade, Majid; Maira, Sunaina
2005Meeting the Housing Needs of Palestinian Women and MenKuttab, Eileen
2010Meeting the requirements of the modern times through development of interdisciplinary programs in social science : the experience of the masters program in democracy and human rights at Birzeit UniversityKassis, Mudar 
Nov-2017Mefenamic acid stability and removal from wastewater using bentonite-supported nanoscale zero-valent iron and activated charcoalSulaiman, Saleh; Shahwan, Talal
1943Memoranda for the use of the Palestine Royal CommissionPalestine 
1918Men of the old stone age : their environment, life and artOsborn, Henry Fairfield, 1857-1935
2009Mental Health of Children in Palestinian Kindergartens: Resilience and VulnerabilityMassad, Salwa; Nieto, F. Javier; Palta, Mari; Smith, Maureen; Clark, Roseanne; Thabet, Abdel-Aziz
2010Mental health, social distress and political oppression : The case of the occupied Palestinian territoryGiacaman, Rita; Rabaia, Yoke; Nguyen-Gillham, Viet; Batniji, Rjaie; Punamaki, Raija-Leena; Summerfield, Derek
2016Mental suffering in protracted political conflict: feeling broken or destroyedBarber, Brian K.
Mar-2001The metabolic syndrome in the West Bank population an urban-rural comparisonAbdul-Rahim, Hanan F.; Husseini, Abdullatif; Bjertness, Espen; Giacaman, Rita; Gordon, Nahida; Jervell, Jak
1977Metabolism and disposition of l -alpha- acetylmethadol in the ratHenderson, G. L.; North-Root, H.; Kuttab, Simon
Apr-2002Metal accumulation from contaminated food and its effect on growth of juvenile landsnails Helix engaddensisSwaileh, Khalid; Bahader, Ahed; Hussein, Ratib Muhammad; Metani, Munther
14-Oct-2019Meteorology 1Shalash, Ibrahim 
1981A method for T-Lymphocyte identification by rosette formation with Staphylococci preloded with Anti T SerumEssawi, Tamer