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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1945The industrialisation of backward areasMandelbaum, Kurt ; Schneider, J. R. L 
1998Industrialization, Urbanization and Environmental Health, the Case of Industrial Zoning: Water use and wastewater disposal in the district of Ramallah and Al-BirehBirzeit University. Institute of Community and Public Health
2015Industry-academia partnership for sustainable development in PalestineAbu Hanieh, Ahmed; Abdelall, Sadiq; Krajnik, Peter; Hasan, Afif
Mar-2008Inefficient Stock Market Generated by Adverse InformationSabri, Nidal
1937Infantry training : training and war 1937Great Britain. War Office 
1983Inflation or the inflationary Israel its impact on the economy of the occupied territoriesKazi, Omar
Feb-2019Inflation with R2 term in the Palatini formulationEnckell, Vera-Maria ; Enqvist, Kari ; Rasanen, Syksy ; Wahlman, Lumi-Pyry 
1989Influence of atomic size on mechanism: displacement of chelating ligands coordinating through sulfur from their chromium and molybdenum carbonyl complexes.Awad, Hani
May-2020The influence of Bauhaus architecture, Ramallah as case study, West Bank PalestineJawabrah, Muain Qasem ; Jarada, Amjad ; Badawy, Usama 
2010Influence of Bridge-Vehicle Interaction on the bridge's subsystems considering road roughnessKaraki, Ghada
2016The influence of corporate governance on corporate performance: evidence from PalestineHassan, Yousef M.; Naser, Kamal; Hijazi, Rafiq H.
2006The influence of different controlled atmosphere storage conditions on the storability and quality of blueberries cv. ‘Bluecrop’Harb, Jamil; Streif, Josef
May-2014Influence of dining-progress synchrony in time-shifted tele-diningNawahdah, Mamoun; Inoue, Tomoo
2007The influence of economic factors on the location of birth among Palestinian women in Bethlehem during the second Palestinian uprisingFujiya, Rika
Jan-2017The influence of industrial sector on economic growth in Palestine : a Kaldorian approachIssa, Khuloud Burbar
2007Influence of socio-economic factors on street litter generation in the Middle East: effects of education level, age, and type of residence.Arafat, Hasan; Khatib, Issam; Daoud, R.; Shwahneh, H.
2015Influences of power electronic converters on current-voltage behaviors during faults in DGUs-part II : photovoltaic systemsSaleh, S. A.; Aljankawey, A. S.; Alsayid, B.; Abu Khaizaran, Muhammad S.
1-Jan-2014Influência das decisões individuais num mercado competitivoMousa, Abdelrahim; Pinto, Alberto; Soeiro, Renato
1-Jul-2018Information extraction from Arabic law documentsAbu Shamma, Samah; Ayasa, Aseel; Sleem, Wala; Yahya, Adnan
24-Mar-2014Information Technology as Cultural Heritage Preservation ToolYahya, Adnan