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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The Illiteracy of Arabs before Islam : a refutation of a prevailing conceptionAl Barghouyti, Abdulkarim
1934Im land der schwarzen zelte : mein leben unter den BeduinenRaswan, Carl Reinhard, 1893-1966
2014Imag(in)ing three-dimensional movement with gesture: ‘playing turtle’ or pointing?Alshwaikh, Jehad; Morgan, Candia
2004Image analysis studies of dimensional changes in swellable hydrophilic polymer matricesVlachou, Marilena; Shtaya, Hani Naseef; Efentakis, Manuel
1913The immovable East : studies of the people and customs of PalestineBaldensperger, Philip James, 1856-
Jul-2018Impact of animated instruction on tablets and hands-on training in applying bimanual perineal support on episiotomy rates: an intervention study.Zimmo, Khaled; Laine, Katariina; Fosse, Erik; Zimmo, Mohammed; Ali-Masri, Hadil; Bottcher, Bettina; Zucknick, Manuela; Vikanes, Ase; Hassan, Sahar
2017The impact of behavioral biases on the Palestinian investors : portfolio investment decisions and anomalies emergenceAwwad, Jawana
21-Jun-1992The Impact of Computers on the Local Content of Engineering ProgramsYahya, Adnan
2003Impact of controlled atmosphere storage conditions on storability and consumer acceptability of sweet cherries 'Regina'Harb, Jamil; Saquet, Adriano
2018Impact of electronic and blended learning programs for manual perineal support on incidence of obstetric anal sphincter injuries: a prospective interventional studyAli-Masri, Hadil; Hassan, Sahar; Fosse, Erik; Zimmo, Kaled M.; Zimmo, Mohammed; Ismail, Khaled M. K.; Vikanes, Åse; Laine, Katariina
2016The impact of financial development, income, energy consumption trade openness on carbon emissions in JordanIsmael, Mohanad; Khateeb, Maram Isam
2015The impact of government expenditures on economic growth in Palestine : 2000 Q1-2012 Q4Rizeq, Riham Yahia
Dec-2017The impact of health on economic growth in Palestine, 1997-2015Atari, Sana’ Sous; Mousa, Yaman
2003Impact of housing conditions on the health of the people at al-Ama'ri refugee camp in the West Bank of Palestine.Khatib, Issam
2014The impact of HR practices on innovation culture : the case of bank of PalestineHaifa, Heba Said
1998Impact of Inappropriate Drug use in the Local ContextGiacaman, Rita
2005The Impact of information Technology on Auditing Accounting Information Systems the Case of PalestineMuhtaseb, Hind
2008The impact of institutional investors on performance of Palestinian companies listed at the PSEHarasheh, Murad
Jan-2017Impact of IPv4/IPv6 Transition Techniques on Applications PerformanceKhannah, Bayan; Alsadeh, Ahmad
2015Impact of irrigation with desalinated brackish water on the productivity and fruit quality of tomato crop planted in heavy saline soil at Marj Na`aja villageAbu Alhaija, Ibtisam I. O.