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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Application of mathematics and game theory to industrial organizationMousa, Abdelrahim
1-Jan-2014Dynamics of human decisionsMousa, Abdelrahim; Soeiro, Renato; Oliveira, Tania; Pinto, Alberto
1-Oct-2015Externality effects in the formation of societiesMousa, Abdelrahim; Pinto, Alberto; Soeiro, Renato
1-Dec-2017Geometric approaches and bifurcations in the dichotomous decision modelMousa, Abdelrahim; Pinto, Alberto A.
12-Apr-2011Resort pricing and bankruptcyMousa, Abdelrahim; Faias, Marta; Pinto, Alberto
20-Jan-2011Tilings and bussola for making decisionsMousa, Abdelrahim; Mousa, Mohammad; Pinto, Alberto; Samarah, Rasha
1-Jun-2019User driven multiclass cell association in 5G HetNets for mobile IoT devicesWaheidi, Yaser M. ; Jubran, Mohammad K. ; Hussein, Mohammed