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2003Active isolation and damping of vibrations via Stewart platformAbu Hanieh, Ahmed
May-2019Comparison between elastomeric passive isolators and LQR active control in stone cutting process : modelling and simulationAbu Hanieh, Ahmed ; AlBalasie, Ahmad 
Oct-2002Force feedback versus acceleration feedback in active vibration isolationPreumont, Andre ; Francois, Arnaud ; Bossens, Frederic ; Abu Hanieh, Ahmed 
1-Dec-2006Frequency variation for the purpose of vibration isolationAbu Hanieh, Ahmed ; Preumont, Andre 
2002Six-degree-of-freedom hexapods for active damping and active isolation of vibrationsAbu Hanieh, Ahmed; Horodinca, Mihaita; Preumont, Andre
Mar-2008Vibration isolation of hand-held tools to prevent hand-arm vibration syndromeAbu Hanieh, Ahmed