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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Aug-2003Accessibility through a Hybrid Educational System: A Case StudyYahya, Adnan
1-Feb-2014Arabic text categorization based on Arabic WikipediaYahya, Adnan; Salhi, Ali
May-2013Arabic text correction using dynamic categorized dictionaries: a statistical approachYahya, Adnan; Salhi, Ali
Sep-2014Arabization and multilingual knowledge sharingJarrar, Mustafa; Yahya, Adnan; Salhi, Ali; Abu Helou, Mamoun; Hicks, Amanda; Fellbaum, Christiane; Stefano, Bortoli; Bouquet, Paolo; Costa, Rute; Christophe, Roche; Palmonari, Matteo
2005Automated reasoning, knowledge representation and managementBaumgartner, Peter; Furbach, Ulrich; Yahya, Adnan
1988Computer Technology in the Arab University of the Year 2000; (in Arabic).Yahya, Adnan
9-Dec-1990Computers in Economic Development: The West Bank CaseYahya, Adnan; Abdallah, Abdallah
5-Feb-2017Data analytics as a tool for smart learningYahya, Adnan
1-Jun-1984Deduction in non-Horn databasesYahya, Adnan; Henschen, Larry
11-Nov-2017Document similarity for Arabic and cross-lingual Web contentSalhi, Ali; Yahya, Adnan
Jan-2002Duality for Goal-Driven Query Processing in Disjunctive Deductive DatabasesYahya, Adnan
Nov-2007Engineering accreditation: A developing nation perspectiveYahya, Adnan
25-Apr-2011Enhancement tools for Arabic web search : a statistical approachSalhi, Ali; Yahya, Adnan
2-Oct-1990Equity Problems in Information Technology: A Third World PerspectiveAbdallah, Abdallah; Yahya, Adnan
Jun-2007General Purpose E-commerce SystemYahya, Adnan; Shamieh, Musa; Yahya, Mohamed
Sep-1996Generalized Query Answering in Disjunctive Databases Using Minimal Model GenerationYahya, Adnan
Aug-1996A Goal-Driven Approach to Efficient Query Processing in Disjunctive DatabasesYahya, Adnan
21-Jun-1992The Impact of Computers on the Local Content of Engineering ProgramsYahya, Adnan
2007Implementation of a new scheduling policy in web serversYahya, Adnan; AlSa'deh, Ahmad