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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Analysis of aflatoxins, caffeine, nicotine and heavy metals in Palestinian multifloral honey from different geographic regionsSwaileh, Khalid; Bahader, Ahed
2014Archaeozoological analysis of molluscan fauna from the Late Bronze Age stratum of site 4 of Tell JeninEzzughayyar, Ademar; Swaileh, Khalid
1999Arctica islandica in Kiel Bay : body parameters, shell length-meat weight relationship and seasonality in flesh weight and condition indexSwaileh, Khalid
2003Assessment of heavy metal contamination in roadside surface soil and vegetation from the West BankSwaileh, Khalid; Hussein, Ratib Muhammad; Abu El-Haj, S.
2001Concentrations of heavy metals in roadside soils, plants and land-snails from the West Bank, PalestineSwaileh, Khalid; Rabay'a, Nawal; Salim, Radi; Ezzughayyar, Ademar; Abed Rabbo, Alfred
Aug-2009Distribution of Toxic Metals in Organs of Local Cattle, Sheep, Goat and Poultry from the West Bank, Palestinian AuthoritySwaileh, Khalid; Abdulkhaliq, Ahed; Hussein, Ratib Muhammad; Matani, Munther
2001Dose-dependent effects of dietary Pb and Zn on feeding and growth rates of the Landsnail Helix engaddensisSwaileh, Khalid; Ezzughayyar, Ademar
Jan-1995Effect of body size and season on the concentration of Cu, Cd, Pb and Zn in Diastylis rathkei (Crustacea : Cumacea) from Kiel Bay, Western BalticSwaileh, Khalid; Adelung, Dieter
2000Effects of dietary Cd and Cu on feeding and growth rates of the landsnail Helix engaddensis.Swaileh, Khalid; Ezzughayyar, Ademar
2011Effects of the Israeli Segregation Wall on biodiversity and environmental sustainable development in the West Bank-PalestineSwaileh, Khalid; Abdallah, Tanya
2008Evaluating wastewater-induced plant genotoxicity using randomly amplified polymorphic DNASwaileh, Khalid; Hussein, Ratib Muhammad; Ezzughayyar, Ademar
2008Health risks from microbial growth and biofilms in drinking water distribution systems in PalestineSwaileh, Khalid; Hussein, Ratib Muhammad; Al-Sa'ed, Rashed; Abu Heleu, Rasmi
1994Heavy metal concentrations in common freshwater snails of Azraq Oasis, JordanSwaileh, Khalid; Mesmar, Mohamed N.; Ismail, Naim S.
2006Heavy metals in urban roadside plants from Amman, JordanSwaileh, Khalid; Matani, Munther; Hussein, Ratib Muhammad
2012Levels of metals (Cd, Pb, Cu and Fe) in cow’s milk, dairy products and hen’s eggs from the West Bank, PalestineAbdulkhaliq, Ahed; Swaileh, Khalid; Hussein, Ratib Muhammad; Matani, Munther
2001Levels of trace metals and effect of body size on metal content of the landsnail Levantina hierosylima from the West Bank- PalestineSwaileh, Khalid; Rabay'a, Nawal; Salim, Radi; Ezzughayyar, Ademar; Abed Rabbo, Alfred
Apr-2002Metal accumulation from contaminated food and its effect on growth of juvenile landsnails Helix engaddensisSwaileh, Khalid; Bahader, Ahed; Hussein, Ratib Muhammad; Metani, Munther
Sep-2006Monitoring urban heavy metal pollution using the house sparrow, passer domesticusSwaileh, Khalid; Sansur, Ramzi
2011Physico-chemical and microbial assessment of Ramallah municipal dumpsite, PalestineAl Sayrafi, Uraib; Daghrah, Ghassan A.; Hussein, Ratib Muhammad; Swaileh, Khalid
2016Physico-chemical properties of multi-floral honey from the West Bank, PalestineAbdulkhaliq, Ahed; Swaileh, Khalid