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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Billiards periodicity in polygonsShahwan, Ruba
2016Codes over ringsWahdan, Zainab Abd Alraof Hussain
Jan-2005Countably thick modulesSaleh, Mohammad
2017Dynamics and bifurcation of xn+1=α+βxn−kA+Bxn+Cxn−k,k= 1,2Raddad, Batool
Oct-2006Dynamics of a higher order rational difference equationSaleh, Mohammad; Atawna, S.
Apr-2017Dynamics of a higher order rational difference equation ....Saleh, Mohammad
2006Dynamics of a Kth order rational difference equationSaleh, Mohammad; Abu Baha, Sai'da
2017Dynamics of higher order rational difference equation xn+1= (α+βxn)/(A+Bxn+Cxn−k)Abu Alhalawa, Muna; Saleh, Mohammad
2018Dynamics of nonlinear difference equationSaleh, Mohammad; Amer, Jafar
2007Dynamics of rational difference equation Xn+1=α+βxn / A+Bxn+Cxn−k using mathematical and computational approachAlawneh, Abed Elrazzaq
2007Elliptic curve cryptosystems using efficient exponentiationSaleh, Mohammad
2017Global asymptotic stability of the higher order equation x_ {n+ 1}=\ frac {ax_ {n}+ bx_ {nk}}{A+ Bx_ {nk}}Saleh, Mohammad; Farahat, A.
2000N-compactness and [ theta ] θ closed setsSaleh, Mohammad; Alamleh, Mohammad
2003A note on projectivitySaleh, Mohammad
2003A note on weak injectivity and weak projectivitySaleh, Mohammad; Abdel-Mohsen, Ali
1998The number of homomorphisms from Zm1 * Zm2 * ... * Zmr into Zk1 * Zk2 * ... * ZksSaleh, Mohammad; Yousef, Hasan; Abu Hlail, Jawad
Jan-1998The number of ring homomorphisms from Zm1 *... * Zmr into Zk1 * ... * ZksSaleh, Mohammad; Yousef, Hasan
2000The number of ring homomorphisms from Zn[w] * Zm[w] into Zk[w]Yousef, Hasan; Saleh, Mohammad; Abu Hlail, Jawad
2003On faint and quasi [ theta ] θ-continuitiesSaleh, Mohammad
Jan-2005On generalized Q.F.D. modulesSaleh, Mohammad; Jain, S. K.; Opez-Permouth, S. R. L.