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Mar-2011Automatic adjustment of a virtual teacher's model in a learning support systemNawahdah, Mamoun
1-Sep-2018Automatic generation of Android SQLite database componentsMusleh, Iman; Zain, Samer; Nawahdah, Mamoun; Norsaremah, Salleh
2012Being Here: Enhancing the Presence of a Remote Person through Real-Time Display Integration of the Remote Figure and the Local BackgroundNawahdah, Mamoun; Inoue, Tomoo
2012Building a high realistic media space by superimposing a remote person’s figure on the local viewNawahdah, Mamoun; Inoue, Tomoo
Jun-2012Development of KIZUNA system capable of time-shifted co-dining communicationNawahdah, Mamoun
Aug-2012Development of KIZUNA System to Support Time-Shifted Co-DiningNawahdah, Mamoun; Inoue, Tomoo
Dec-2014Enhancing computer learning activities using pair-programming techniquesTaji, Dima; Nawahdah, Mamoun
7-Aug-2018Gamifying the teaching and learning process in an advanced computer programming courseNawahdah, Mamoun
Jun-2011Helping physical task learning by automatic adjustment of a virtual teacher's rotation angleNawahdah, Mamoun
May-2014Influence of dining-progress synchrony in time-shifted tele-diningNawahdah, Mamoun; Inoue, Tomoo
2011Motion adaptive orientation adjustment of a virtual teacher to support physical task learningNawahdah, Mamoun; Inoue, Tomoo
Mar-2011Positioning a virtual teacher in an MR physical task learning support systemNawahdah, Mamoun
2012Setting the best view of a virtual teacher in a mixed reality physical-task learning support systemNawahdah, Mamoun; Inoue, Tomoo
2014User's communication behavior in a pseudo same-room videoconferencing system BHSNawahdah, Mamoun; Inoue, Tomoo; Noguchi, Yasuhito
2013User’s communication behavior in the pseudo same-room videoconferencing systemNawahdah, Mamoun; Sayre, Edward
Feb-2013Virtually dining together in time-shifted environment: KIZUNA designNawahdah, Mamoun; Khateeb, Emad