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2016Adaptive line segmentation algorithm for printed Arabic documents with diacriticsMohammad, Khader; Qaroush, Aziz
29-Jan-2017Android Door/Window Image-based Measurements ApplicationMohammad, Khader; Alsadeh, Ahmad; Qarabsa, Amer; Khalil, Shatha; Dirieh, Mona
2013Arabic License Plate Recognition SystemMohammad, Khader; Agaian, Sos; Saleh, Hani
2009Dynamic cache resizing architecture for high yield SOCMohammad, Baker; Rab, Muhammad Tauseef; Mohammad, Khader; Suleman, Muhammad Aater
2009Efficient FPGA implementation of convolutionMohammad, Khader; Agaian, Sos
2009Energy efficient swing signal generation circuits for clock distribution networksMohammad, Khader; Liu, Bao; Agaian, Sos
2009Exploration and comparison of several AODV implementations: a surveyMohammad, Khader; Rasheed, Abdallah
2016Multichannel step up power converter with magnetically uncoupled filtersMohammad, Khader
2014On-Chip power minimization using serialization-widening with frequent value encodingMohammad, Khader; Kabeer, Ahsan; Taha, Tarek
2012Practical recognition system for text printed on clear reflected materialMohammad, Khader; Agaian, Sos
2009Reduced voltage scaling in clock distribution networksMohammad, Khader; Dodin, Ayman; Liu, Bao; Agaian, Sos
2014The synthesis of nanostructured WC-based hardmetals using mechanical alloying and their direct consolidationMohammad, Khader