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2013Challenges and opportunities of health care supply chain management in the United StatesElmuti, Dean; Khoury, Grace; Omran, Omar; Abou-Zaid, Ahmed
23-Feb-2018Challenges to the formalization of Palestinian female-owned home-based businessesKhoury, Grace; Farraj, Wojdan; Sultan, Suhail
2012Does Entrepreneurship Education Have a Role in developing Entrepreneurial Skills And Ventures' Effectiveness?,Khoury, Grace; Elmuti, Dean; Omran, Omar
2004Entrepreneurship in an Adverse Environment: The Case of Taybeh Brewing Company - PalestineKhoury, Grace
2011Entrepreneur’s personality, education and venture effectiveness : perceptions of Palestinian entrepreneursElmuti, Dean; Khoury, Grace; Abdul-Rahim, B.
2010How Palestinian managers cope with stressKhoury, Grace; Analoui, Farhad
2003Human relations and its influence on job satisfaction in commercial banks in PalestineAbu Baha, Akram M.
2016The importance of fostering alignment to ensure sustainable nation buildingKhoury, Grace; McNally, Beverley
2016The importance of Fostering alignment to ensure sustainable nation building: The role of HRD in large PalestinianKhoury, Grace; McNally, Beverley
Feb-2004Innovative Management Model for Performance Appraisal: The Case of the Palestinian Public UniversitiesKhoury, Grace
2005Introducing work life balance to the Palestinian private sector : the case of JawwalBayyouk, Muna M.
2004Leadership styles in Palestinian large scale industrial companiesAs-Sadeq, Hasan Ahmad
2006Leadership styles in the Palestinian large-scale industrial enterprisesAs-Sadeq, Hasan A.; Khoury, Grace
2016Palestinian women entrepreneurs : an exploratory study of intentions relatedness to business sustainabilitySalameh, Mira Simon
2008Ritaj, the large gatewayKhoury, Grace; Sayrafi, Bassem