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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2010Are Palestinian Authority’s legislated statutes substantially different from Israeli military orders?Khalil, Asem
2008Armed conflicts and security of womenJarbawi, Ali; Khalil, Asem
2010Armed conflicts and the security of womenKhalil, Asem
12-Oct-2016Autorita Palestinese : scenari preoccupanti per lo status quoKhalil, Asem
5-Oct-2016Autorité palestinienne : comment sortir du statu quo ?Khalil, Asem
2013Beyond the Written Constitution: Constitutional Crisis of, and the Institutional Deadlock in, the Palestinian Political System as Entrenched in the Basic LawKhalil, Asem
2008The Circulation of Palestinian Refugees and MigrantsKhalil, Asem
May-2017CitizenshipKhalil, Asem
2012Constitution-Making and State-Building: Redefining the Palestinian NationKhalil, Asem
Jan-2009A Constitutional Framework of a Future Palestinian State - Synthesis of Leading Palestinian Thinking and Public PerceptionsKhalil, Asem
Apr-2010Converting Palestinians into ?Infiltrators? In Their Own Home Country: A New Military Order and Same Old PolicyKhalil, Asem
2019Courting Economic and Social Rights in Palestine: Justiciability, Enforceability and the Role of the Supreme Constitutional CourtKhalil, Asem
2010Dealing with Highly-Skilled Migration: The Case of the Palestinian AuthorityKhalil, Asem
23-Nov-2010Disintegrating and Reconstituting Palestine: The Powerful Strength of LawKhalil, Asem
2006The Enactment of Constituent Power in the Arab WorldKhalil, Asem
2006The Enactment of Constituent Power in the Arab World: The Palestinian CaseKhalil, Asem
2009Family Unification of Residents in the Occupied Palestinian TerritoryKhalil, Asem
Jan-2010Filling the gap? a survey of Palestinian case law on migrationKhalil, Asem
2009Formal and informal justice in Palestine : dealing with the legacy of tribal lawKhalil, Asem
Nov-2010From Constitutions to Constitutionalism in Arab States: Beyond Paradox to OpportunityKhalil, Asem