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20-Mar-2017Concept model for the second life cycle of vehicles in PalestineKaraeen, Mohammed; Abu Hanieh, Ahmed; Abdelall, Sadiq; Sughayyer, Momen; Hasan, Afif
2016Decision support system for industrial social performanceAbu Hanieh, Ahmed; Abdelall, Sadiq; Hasan, Afif
2003Exergy Analysis of a Combined Power and Refrigeration Thermodynamic Cycle Driven by a Solar Heat SourceHasan, Afif; Goswami, D. Y.
2002First and second law analysis of a new power and refrigeration cycle using solar heat sourceHasan, Afif; Goswami, D. Y.; Vijayaraghavan, Sanjay
2015Industry-academia partnership for sustainable development in PalestineAbu Hanieh, Ahmed; Abdelall, Sadiq; Krajnik, Peter; Hasan, Afif
2015Integration of Sustainability in Engineering Education in PalestineHasan, Afif; Abu Hanieh, Ahmed; Abdelall, Sadiq
2008Modeling of greenhouse with PCM energy storageHasan, Afif
15-Aug-2016National adaptation plan to climate changes (NAP)Smithers, Richard; Harrison, Mike; Mimi, Ziad; Hardan, Khaled; Abdelall, Sadiq; Hasan, Afif
2003A novel combined power and cooling thermodynamic cycle for low temperature heat source, Part I : theoretical investigationHasan, Afif; Goswami, D. Y.; Lu, Shaoguang; Tamm, Gunnar
1999Optimizing insulation thickness for buildings using life-cycle costHasan, Afif
2013Sustainable development of stone and marble sector in PalestineHasan, Afif; Abu Hanieh, Ahmed; Abdelall, Sadiq
2004Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of an ammonia- water power and refrigeration thermodynamic cycleHasan, Afif
1997Thermosyphon solar water heaters: effect of storage tank volume and configuration on efficiencyHasan, Afif
2018University cooperation with the local Palestinian industry : example of Faculty of Engineering at Birzeit UniversityAbu Hanieh, Ahmed; Hasan, Afif