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2014Acoustic model selection using limited data for accent robust speech recognitionHanani, Abualsoud; Najafian, Maryam; Safavi, Saeid; Russell, Martin
2016Automatic Identification of articulation disorders for Arabic children speakersHanani, Abualsoud; Attari, Mays; Farakhna, Atta’; Hussein, Mohammed; Joma’a, Aseel; Taylor, Stephen
2011Computer and human recognition of regional accents of British EnglishHanani, Abualsoud
2012Contrasting the effects of different frequency bands on speaker and accent identificationHanani, Abualsoud; Safavi, Saeid; Russell, Martin; Jancovic, Peter; Carey, Michael
2013Human and computer recognition of regional accents and ethnic groups from British English speechHanani, Abualsoud; Russell, Martin; Carey, Michael
2010Improved Language Recognition using Mixture Components StatisticsHanani, Abualsoud; Srouji, Fathi
2016Routing in IP/LEO Satellite Communication Systems: Past, Present and FutureHanani, Abualsoud; Hussein, Mohammed
2016Speaker recognition for children’s speechSafavi, Saeid; Najafian, Maryam; Hanani, Abualsoud; Russell, Martin; Jancovic, Peter; Carey, Michael;
2011Speech-based identification of social groups in a single accent of British English by humans and computersHanani, Abualsoud; Russell, Martin; Carey, Michael J.