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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2015Agricultural terms in the Arabic dialects of Antioch and Ramallah : an ethnographic and lexical comparisonHalayqa, Issam; Agbaht, Mahmut
2013Beiträge zur semitischen Dialektologie Festschrift für Werner Arnold zum 60. GeburtstagHalayqa, Issam
2008Canaanite and Aramaic linguistic remains in the names of the tools and objects in the Palestinian vernacularHalayqa, Issam
Oct-2008A Comparative Lexicon of Ugaritic and CanaaniteHalayqa, Issam; Russell, Martin; Carey, Michael
Jul-2019The cultural and linguistic background of the naming of objects and agricultural installations in PalestineHalayqa, Issam
2011The Demise of Ugarit in the light of its connections with ḪattiHalayqa, Issam; Yonge, Charlotte M. (Charlotte Mary), 1823-1901
Oct-2015The lexical origin of traditional measure and eeight units in the colloquial of Hebron DistrictHalayqa, Issam
Aug-2016Middle Bronze II - Iron II Scarabs from PalestineHalayqa, Issam; Abu Rmilah, Mohammad
2013The Names of the Traditional Establishments for Animal Breeding and Animal Products in the Palestinian ColloquialHalayqa, Issam
2000Natural and cultural factors influenced the toponyms of Al-Shuyoukh town in Hebron districtHalayqa, Issam
2014A New lmlk Jar Handle from Hirbet QilaHalayqa, Issam
Aug-2017Ramallah, Al-Bireh, the twin citiesHalayqa, Issam
Dec-2017Silver tetradrachms from Kherbit Beit Nasib west of HebronHalayqa, Issam
2010A Supplementary Ugaritic Word List of J. Tropper’s Kleines W?rterbuch des Ugaritischen.Halayqa, Issam
Oct-2016The terminology of the field designations in the colloquial of the Hebron countrysideHalayqa, Issam
2013The traditional names for land markers and of protective establishments of land produce in the Palestinian colloquialHalayqa, Issam
Dec-2015Two Canaanite scarabs from Kherbit el-Jami' (el-Ubayat) south of BethlehemHalayqa, Issam
2014Two Iron Age scarab seals from Khallet el-Qa'aqir – el-Kom villageHalayqa, Issam
2002Two middle bronze age scarabs from Jabal El-Tawahin (Southern Hebron)Halayqa, Issam