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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Ablation of ceramide synthase 2 strongly affects biophysical properties of membranesSilva, Liana C.; David, Oshrit Ben; Pewzner-Jung, Yael; Laviad, Elad L.; Stiban, Johnny; Bandyopadhyay, Sibali; Merrill, Alfred H., Jr.; Prieto, Manuel; Futerman, Anthony H.
Sep-2017Carbon dioxide in carbonated beverages induces ghrelin release and increased food consumption in male rats : implications on the onset of obesityEweis, Dureen Samandar; Abed, Fida; Stiban, Johnny
Jan-2010Ceramide Synthases: Roles in Cell Physiology and SignalingStiban, Johnny; Futerman, Tony
Apr-2008Ceramide synthesis in the endoplasmic reticulum can permeabilize mitochondria to proapoptotic proteinsStiban, Johnny; Caputo, Laura; Colombini, Marco
Dec-2008Ceramide-containing membranes : the interface between biophysics and biologyStiban, Johnny; Silva, Liana; Futerman, Tony
2014Changes in membrane biophysical properties induced by sphingomyelinase depend on the sphingolipid N-acyl chainStiban, Johnny; Prieto, Manuel; Futerman, Tony; Silva, Liana
Apr-2010A critical role for ceramide synthase 2 in liver homeostasis: I. Alterations in lipid metabolic pathwaysStiban, Johnny; Silva, Liana; Lahiri, Sujoy; Sachsenheimer, Timo
2006Dihydroceramide hinders ceramide channel formation: Implications on apoptosisStiban, Johnny; Fistere, Daniel; Colombini, Marco
Jun-2006Dihydroceramide hinders ceramide channel formation: Implications on apoptosisStiban, Johnny; Fistere, Daniel; Colombini, Marco
2014The N-terminal domain of the Drosophila mitochondrial replicative DNA helicase contains an iron-sulfur cluster and binds DNA.Stiban, Johnny; Farnum, Gregory; Hovde, Stacy; Kaguni, Laurie S.
Mar-2015Regulation of ceramide channel formation and disassembly : insights on the initiation of apoptosisAbou-Ghali, Majdouline; Stiban, Johnny
2015Very long chain ceramides interfere with C16-ceramide-induced channel formation : a plausible mechanism for regulating the initiation of intrinsic apoptosisStiban, Johnny; Perera, Meenu
2011Visualization of ceramide channels by transmission electron microscopySamanta, Soumya; Stiban, Johnny; Maugel, Timothy K.; Colombini, Marco