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2005Adaptation of RUSLE in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean RegionBorresen, Trond; Abu Hammad, Ahmad; Lunderkvam, H.
2006Effects of rain characteristics and terracing on runoff and erosion under the MediterraneanAbu Hammad, Ahmad; Børresen, Trond; Haugen, Lars Egil
2004Effects of Stonewalled Terracing Techniques on Soil-Water Conservation and Wheat Production Under Mediterranean ConditionsAbu Hammad, Ahmad; Haugen, Lars Egil; Borresen, Trond
2015Geographical distribution of public secondary schools and factors affecting success rates in Rammallah and Al-Bireh Governorate using GISAbu Hammad, Ahmad; Musa, Rami Nabil; Khawaldah, Hamzah; Alzboun, Nidal
2016Identification of important landscape areas in Palestine: the case of Battir areaAbu Hammad, Ahmad
1-Aug-2016Identification of important Landscape areas in Palestine: The case of Battir areaAbu Hammad, Ahmad
Oct-2010Land degradation : socioeconomic and environmental caused in the Eastern MediterraneanAbu Hammad, Ahmad
2009Landscape Planning under Political Instability – Palestine as a case studyNazer, Samar; Abu Hammad, Ahmad
2010Perception of landscape change : Artas Valley / PalestineNazer, Samar; Abu Hammad, Ahmad; Jergonsen, Karsten; Geelmuyden, Anne Katrine
2010Perception of Landscape Change and Prospect of Future Developmentin historic Artas Valley PalestineNazer, Samar; Abu Hammad, Ahmad
2015Public concerns about and perceptions of solid waste dump sites and selection of sanitary landfill sites in the West Bank, Palestinian territoryKhatib, Issam; Abu Hammad, Ahmad; Sharkas, Othman; Sato, Chikashi
2005The road to deforestation: an assessment of forest loss and its causes in Basho Valley, Northern PakistanAlia, Jawad; Abu Hammad, Ahmad; Oystein B., Dick; Benjaminsena, Tor A.
2006Soil erosion and soil - moisture conservation under old terracing system in the Palestinian central mountainsAbu Hammad, Ahmad
29-Jul-2018Temperature analysis as an indicator of climate change in the Central Palestinian MountainsAbu Hammad, Ahmad; Salameh, Ala
1-Aug-2016Traditional water distribution for irrigation in the Middle East: practices and environmental impactsAbdulhaleem, Tumeizi; Abu Hammad, Ahmad
1-Sep-2017Urban Expansion Effects on Landscape Pattern: The case of Ramallah AreaMuhsen, Mohammad; Abu Hammad, Ahmad
2009Watershed erosion risk assessment and management utilizing revised universal soil loss equation-geographic information systems in the Mediterranean environmentsAbu Hammad, Ahmad