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2018Caesarean section in Palestine using the Robson Ten Group Classification System: A population-based birth cohort studyZimmo, Mohammed Walid ; Laine, Katariina ; Hassan, Sahar ; Bottcher, Bettina ; Fosse, Erik ; Ali-Masri, Hadil ; Zimmo, Kaled ; Sørum Falk, Ragnhild ; Lieng, Marit ; Vikanes, Åse 
2017Diagnosis and repair of perineal injuries: knowledge before and after expert training—a multicentre observational study among Palestinian physicians and midwivesZimmo, Kaled ; Laine, Katariina ; Vikanes, Åse ; Fosse, Erik ; Zimmo, Mohammed ; Ali, Hadil ; Thakar, Ranee ; Sultan, Abdul H. ; Hassan, Sahar 
2018Differences in rates and odds for emergency caesarean section in six Palestinian hospitals: A population-based birth cohort studyZimmo, Mohammed ; Laine, Katariina ; Hassan, Sahar ; Fosse, Erik ; Lieng, Marit ; Ali-Masri, Hadil ; Zimmo, Kaled ; Anti, Marit ; Bottcher, Bettina ; Falk, Ragnhild Sørum ; Vikanes, Åse 
2018Enhancing recognition of obstetric anal sphincter injuries in six maternity units in Palestine: An interventional quality improvement studyAli-Masri, Hadil Y. ; Hassan, Sahar J. ; Ismail, Khaled ; Zimmo, Mohammed W. ; Fosse, Erik ; Vikanes, Åse ; Laine, Katariina 
2018Episiotomy practice in six Palestinian hospitals: A population-based cohort study among singleton vaginal birthsZimmo, Kaled ; Laine, Katariina ; Fosse, Erik ; Zimmo, Mohammed W. ; Ali-Masri, Hadil ; Zucknick, Manuela ; Vikanes, Åse ; Hassan, Sahar 
2018Evaluation of accuracy of episiotomy incision in a governmental maternity unit in palestine: An observational studyAli-Masri, Hadil Y. ; Hassan, Sahar J. ; Zimmo, Kaled M. ; Zimmo, Mohammed W. ; Ismail, Khaled M. K. ; Fosse, Erik ; Alsalman, Hasan ; Vikanes, Ase ; Laine, Katariina 
2018Impact of electronic and blended learning programs for manual perineal support on incidence of obstetric anal sphincter injuries: a prospective interventional studyAli-Masri, Hadil ; Hassan, Sahar ; Fosse, Erik ; Zimmo, Kaled M. ; Zimmo, Mohammed ; Ismail, Khaled M. K. ; Vikanes, Åse ; Laine, Katariina 
16-Jan-2020Induction of labor among singleton pregnancies in six Palestinian governmental hospitals : a population-based cohort studyHassan, Sahar ; Laine, Katariina ; Fossa, Erik ; Abu-Rmeileh, Niveen ; Ali-Masri, Hadil Y. ; Ali-Masri, Kaled ; Zimmo, Mohammed ; Vikanes, Ase ; Ismail, Khaled M.