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2010AquaTools: An Underwater Acoustic Networking Simulation ToolkitTumar, Iyad; Schonwalder, Jurgen; Sehgal, Anuj
1-Sep-2017Decode-and-forward with quadrature spatial modulation in the presence of imperfect channel estimationMesleh, Raed; Ikki, Salama; Tumar, Iyad; Alouneh, Sahel
2007European Sixth Framework Network of Excellence FP6-2004-IST-026854-NoE Deliverable D2.3 Virtual Laboratory Integration Report
2009Evaluation of IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks ImplementationsTumar, Iyad; Dominik Korte, Kevin; Schonwalder, Jurgen
2013NETCONF interoperability testingTumar, Iyad; Tran, Ha Manh; Schonwalder, Jurgen
Oct-2010Performance Evaluation of a Multi-Radio Energy Conservation Scheme for Disruption Tolerant NetworksTumar, Iyad
2009Power Management for Acoustic Underwater NetworksTumar, Iyad; Sehgal, Anuj; Schonwalder, Jurgen
2015Printed Arabic optical character segmentationMohammad, Khader; Tumar, Iyad; Purdom, Paul; Ayyesh, Muna; Qaroush, Aziz
2009Variability of available capacity due to the effects of depth and temperature in the underwater acoustic communication channelTumar, Iyad; Sehgal, Anuj; Schonwalder, Jurgen