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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2006Anthropogenic impact on water resources in the West Bank/Palestine: a case from Wadi Fara'a Stream—Nablus AreaThawaba, Salem
13-Nov-2018Building and planning regulations under Israeli colonial power : a critical study from PalestineThawaba, Salem
Aug-2016Colonizing Palestine : urban and landscape changes since Ottoman EmpireThawaba, Salem
Mar-2009Constructed Wetlands for the PreTreatment of Drinking Water Obtained from Coal MinesThawaba, Salem; Brahana, J.
2017Effect of land-use/land-cover change on the future of rainfed agriculture in the Jenin Governorate, PalestineThawaba, Salem; Abu Madi, Maher; Ozerol, Gul
Jan-2000Geopolitical transformation by using GIS Jenin Destrict ,PalestineThawaba, Salem; Ja'far, Qabaha
Jan-2014Integration of GIS and perception assessment in the creation of needsbased urban parks in Ramallah, PalestineThawaba, Salem
Jan-2011Jerusalem walls: transforming and segregating urban fabricThawaba, Salem; Hithnawi, Anjad; Natour, Ibrahim
May-2016Metropolitan Planning: the case of Ramallah,Palestine (In Arabic)Thawaba, Salem
Oct-2011Multi criteria analysis for locating sustainable suburban centers: a case study from Ramallah Governorate, PalestineAbuSada, Jumana; Thawaba, Salem
Apr-2010Multi Criteria and Landfill Site Selection Using Gis: A Case Study From Palestine~!2010-01- 01~!2010-01-24~!2010-03-19~!Mahamid, Ibrahim; Thawaba, Salem
Jan-2010Multi-criteria and landfill site selection using GIS: a case study from PalestineMahamid, Ibrahim; Thawaba, Salem
2017Planning under a colonial regime in Palestine : counter planning / decolonizing the West BankThawaba, Salem
Jan-2014Population Impact on Land-use/cover change: its impact on nature Global ChangeThawaba, Salem
May-2016Ramallah city region integrated development project vision and pilot developmental projectsNatour, Meran; Younis, Misam; Remawi, Moayyad; Marbou, Dina; Madi, May; Arman, Hiba; Awni, Aya; Natsheh, Alaa
Jan-2016Revitalizing urban voides by using GISThawaba, Salem; Ballout, Tolista; Morcos, Yousef
Apr-2014Rural Development and Community Participation within Joint Planning Areas Al- Yaserreyeh Case Study Rural Development and Community Participation within Joint Planning Areas Al-Yase…Thawaba, Salem
Aug-2012Spatial transformation of Jerusalem: 1967 to presentThawaba, Salem; Rimmawi, Hussein
Feb-2013Spatial Transformation of Jerusalem: 1967 to PresentThawaba, Salem; Al-Rimmawi, Hussein