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31-Dec-2019Energy management framework for 5G ultra-dense networks using graph theoryDaas, Mosheer J. ; Jubran, Mohammad K. ; Hussein, Mohammed 
1-Dec-2008Low-delay low-complexity bandwidth-constrained wireless video transmission using SVC over MIMO SystemsJubran, Mohammad K. ; Manu Bansal ; Kondi, Lismiachos P. 
1-Jan-2006Optimal bandwidth allocation for scalable H.264 video transmission over MIMO systemsJubran, Mohammad ; Bansal, Manu ; Kondi, Lisimachos P. 
1-May-2006Optimal bit allocation for hybrid scalable/multiple-description video transmission over wireless channelsJubran, Mohammad K. ; Bansal, Manu ; Kondi, Lisimachos P. 
1-Oct-2018Rate-accuracy trade-off In video classification with deep convolutional neural networksJubran, Mohammad K. ; Alhabib, Abbas ; Chadha, Aaron ; Andreopoulos, Yiannis 
1-Dec-2010Scalable H.264 wireless video transmission over MIMO-OFDM channelsBansal, Manu ; Jubran, Mohammad K. ; Kondi, Lisimachos P. 
16-May-2008Scalable H.264 wireless video transmission using quasi-orthogonal space-time block codesJubran, Mohammad K. ; Bansal, Manu ; Kondi, Lisimachos P. 
6-Aug-2007Transmission of scalable H.264 coded video over wireless MIMO systems with optimal bandwidth allocationJubran, Mohammad K. ; Bansal, Manu ; Kondi, Lisimachos P. 
1-Jun-2019User driven multiclass cell association in 5G HetNets for mobile IoT devicesWaheidi, Yaser M. ; Jubran, Mohammad K. ; Hussein, Mohammed