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Title: Mechatronic design, experimental setup, and control architecture design of a novel 4 DoF parallel manipulator
Authors: Vallésa, Marina 
Araujo-Gómezb, Pedro 
Matac, Vicente 
Valeraa, Angel 
Díaz-Rodríguezb, Miguel 
Paged, Álvaro 
Farhat, Nidal M. 
Keywords: Control theory - Mathematical models;Machinery, Kinematics of.;Computer-aided design;Configuration space;Machine design;Mechatronics - Design;Robotics;Robot control;Parallel manipulator
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Mechanics Based Design of Structures and Machines
Abstract: Although parallel manipulators started with the introduction of architectures with six degrees of freedom, a vast number of applications require less than six degrees of freedom. Consequently, scholars have proposed architectures with three and four degrees of freedom, but relatively few four degrees of freedom parallel manipulators have become prototypes, especially of the two rotation and two translation motion types. In this article, we explain the mechatronics design, prototype, and control architecture design of a four degrees of freedom parallel manipulators with two rotation and two translation motions. We chose to design a four degrees of freedom manipulator based on the motion needed to complete the tasks of lower limb rehabilitation. To the author’s best knowledge, parallel manipulators between three and six degrees of freedom for rehabilitation of lower limb have not been proposed to date. The developed architecture enhances the three minimum degrees of freedom required by adding a four degrees of freedom, which allows combinations of normal or tangential efforts in the joints, or torque acting on the knee. We put forward the inverse and forward displacement equations, describe the prototype, perform the experimental setup, and develop the hardware and control architecture. The tracking accuracy experiments from the proposed controller show that the manipulator can accomplish the required application
DOI: 10.1080/15397734.2017.1355249
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