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Title: In situ investigation of working battery electrodes using synchrotron x-ray diffraction
Authors: Jisrawi, Najeh 
Thurston, T. R. 
Yang, X. Q. 
Mukefue, S. 
Mcbreen, J. 
Daroux, M. L. 
Xing, X. K. 
Keywords: Composite materials;Neutrons - Diffraction;Protective coatings;Battery electrodes;X-rays - Diffraction;Synchrotron radiation;Synchrotrons;X-ray spectroscopy
Issue Date: 1997
Abstract: The results of an in situ investigation of the structural changes that occur during the operation of working battery electrodes using synchrotron radiation are presented. Two types of electrodes were investigated: an AB2-type Laves phase alloy anode with the composition ZrxTil,M2 and a proprietary cell based on a LixMn204 spinel compound cathode made by Gould electronics. For the Laves phase alloy compositions with ~0.25 and 0.5 and M=VO.SN~.~&.~F~O.~ were examined. Cells made from two different batches of LixMn*Od material were investigated. The relationships between battery performance and structural changes will be discussed. In the later case, we also discuss the role of over discharging on the LixMn204 structure and on battery operation.
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