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Title: Thermal expansion of aluminum–fly ash cenosphere composites synthesized by pressure infiltration technique
Authors: Rohatgi, P. K. 
Gupta, N. 
Alaraj, Simon 
Keywords: Metallic composites;Metal matrix composites;Solidification;Coefficient of thermal expansion
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: The coefficients of thermal expansion (CTEs) of commercially available pure aluminum and aluminum alloy composites containing hollow fly ash particles (cenospheres) of average size 125 mm are measured using a dilatometer. Three types of composites are made using the pressure infiltration technique at applied pressures and infiltration times of 35 kPa for 3 min, 35 kPa for 7 min, and 62 kPa for 7 min. The volume fractions of the fly ash cenospheres in the composites are around 65%. The CTE of the composites is measured to be in the range of 13.1 106 –11 106 / C, which is lower than that of pure aluminum (25.3 106 / C). The infiltration processing conditions are found to influence the CTE of the composites. A higher applied pressure and a longer infiltration time lead to a lower CTE. The theoretical value of the CTE of fly ash cenospheres is estimated to be 6.1 106 / C.
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