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Title: How did Islam contribute to change the legal status of women: the case of the Jawari, or the female slaves
Authors: ‘Athamina, Khalil 
Keywords: Enslaved women - Islamic countries- History;Women - Legal status - Islamic law - History;Courtesans - Islamic countries - History;Umm al-walad;Captives;Concubine
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: This article studies the transformations which took place in the legal status of slave women (jawari), as a consequence of the spread of Islam among Arabs. The author analyzes religious, historical and social factors including the change of criteria in regard to war booty sharing, treatment of war prisoners, the introduction of the concept of umm al-walad, etc. The social impact of these transformations on slave women and on the families they belonged to, are also part of the focus of analysis.
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