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Title: Consistency of the Two Higgs Doublet Model and CP violation in top production at the LHC
Authors: El Kaffas, Abdul Wahab 
Khater, Wafaa 
Ogreidc, Odd Magne 
Osland, Per 
Keywords: Higgs bosons;Particles (Nuclear physics);Interacting boson models;Electroweak interactions
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: It is important to provide guidance on whether CP violation may be measurable in top-quark production at the Large Hadron Collider. The present work extends an earlier analysis of the non-supersymmetric Two-Higgs-Doublet Model in this respect, by allowing a more general potential. Also, a more comprehensive study of theoretical and experimental constraints on the model is presented. Vacuum stability, unitarity, direct searches and electroweak precision measurements severely constrain the model. We explore, at low tan β, the allowed regions in the multidimensional parameter space that give a viable physical model. This exploration is focused on the parameter space of the neutral sector rotation matrix, which is closely related to the Yukawa couplings of interest. In most of the remaining allowed regions, the model violates CP. We present a quantitative discussion of a particular CP-violating observable. This would be measurable in semileptonically decaying top and antitop quarks produced at the LHC, provided the number of available events is of the order of a million.
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