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Title: Study the effect of changing Cables’ pattern on the workspace of a six DOF floating parallel marine robot (FPMR)
Authors: Horoub, Mamon M. 
Horoub, Ayman M.A. 
Khan, Sikandar 
Albalasie, Ahmad 
Ali, Sajid 
Abu Ajamieh, Ihab 
Alzaydi, Ammar 
Keywords: Dynamic response;Reliability (Engineering);Workspace;Floating Parallel Marine Robot;Marine engineering;Stewart-Gough parallel manipulator;Robotics;6–6 and 6–3-3 FPMR
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Alexandria Engineering Journal
Abstract: In this study, a Floating Parallel Marine Robot (FPMR) is studied while it is subjected to external forces generated by the sea waves. Two FPMR cable-bundles’ configurations are used. The 6–6 Stewart-Gough parallel manipulator configuration is compared with a new cable-bundles’ configuration called 6–3-3 FPMR. The effect of changing cable-bundles’ configuration is explored to enhance the workspace and the dynamic behavior of the FPMR. This study is performed using six DOFs FPMR having twelve cables i.e. 6 bundles. Over the FPMR workspace, the dynamic response and platform stiffness are investigated. The workspace and the dynamic analysis of FPMR are enhanced using the new 6–3-3 cable-bundles’ configuration.
DOI: 10.1016/j.aej.2022.08.043
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